c Voisey for Mayor 2021 - FAQ
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How to vote and where?

This is a vote-by-mail election only!
Problems receiving your ballot, lost or want to change your vote? Details can be found on the Redondo Beach City Clerk website.
Ballot drop off locations can be found here.

When can we meet you?

While I would love to meet as many of you as possible, the global pandemic has profoundly impacted this year. Out of complete respect for all, we are strongly advised to adhere to the stay-at-home order and help stop the spread of Covid-19. No matter what your beliefs are, I respect that we all may have our own. Even if the chance was a tiny percentage, I am not about to risk anyone. With that said, I'd love to talk with you. Please contact me through my website, and we can set something up! We can talk on the phone, FaceTime, or just exchange messages. I'd love to hear from you and anyone else regarding their views.

What are your thoughts on where we are with regards to Covid-19?

While we have been lucky in the South Bay and Redondo Beach specifically, it is still out there. We are battling an invisible enemy that has taken people from our community. It has also impacted my family and friends, unfortunately. There is nothing much we will be able to do to change the past; we can do things moving forward. I have already been talking to folks about how we can balance health and safety and the possibilities of continuing day-to-day business. This is a delicate balance, as there are no "oops" for public safety. I do think we need to continue to look at solutions for our future that make sense. I will fight to have a uniquely local solution that would be supported by the County and State.

What about your health? 

Thanks for asking! I can tell you that I am healthy and have no known issues. I think public officials owe it to their constituents to be honest with their health and abilities. I go for yearly check-ups, and they have always been positive. If something was obstructing my ability to serve, I would take appropriate action. We should not be worried about health impacting judgment, and you should ask and check on this from all of your elected officials. 

What is your party affiliation?  

I have chosen to not be directly affiliated with either party. In fact, I have voted for both parties in my past. I believe in both anonymity of our votes and also focusing on the issues. I am distraught to see certain activities in the current political climate creating too much divide. With that said, I don't believe local politics have anything to do with this. Local politics can remain local, and we will continue to work with our State and Federal partners, no matter how they were elected.

What are your views on Redondo Beach Police?  

I do believe policing should be local and locally controlled. It represents the neighborhoods we live in. Having graduated from the Redondo Beach Citizen Police Academy, I can say I am highly impressed by the Leadership, Ranks, and Patrols. They work hard to keep us safe, day and night. I want to ensure they are kept local, and we provide for the proper training, facilities, and pay to preserve public safety at the highest level.

What about the Redondo Beach Fire Department?

There is no question that, like Redondo Beach Police, I think RBFD should remain local. We dodged a bullet, despite my opponent's efforts—all, from what I understand as an act of revenge. Redondo Beach Fire Department has some of the best firefighters around, and the fear of losing them was scary. Despite the name-calling and efforts, we fought to keep them local. And they are! It wasn't long after that the real issues we would have inherited by joining LACoFD came to be known. We must continue the battle to best fund our very own Redondo Beach Fire Department. 

What experience do you have with the City of Redondo Beach?

I have been highly involved in many efforts to advance our community, including Public Safety with RBPD and City Planning. I have recently, since 2017, served on the General Plan Advisory Committee, defining Redondo Beach's land use and conservation, recreation and parks, and open space. To read more about our efforts, see here: 

Weren't you involved in the effort to revitalize our waterfront? What happened?

Yes, I was. Our waterfront is one of the many assets we have in Redondo Beach. My goal was to work towards a solution that would have updated an incredibly neglected area along our pier area. This area was close to my heart, as I spent a lot of time there with my family. A key goal was to establish a private partnership to come up with a financially viable solution. We are far from finished when this was unfortunately halted by an often misunderstood Measure put to our voters four years ago. To date, there still has been no solution presented or imagined. We could have fought for the right solution in a balanced Redondo Beach.

What about the AES Power Plant? 

Despite the disappointing efforts by the current Mayor and Council representations in District 2, we have failed to come to a solution after a decade of claims. I believe our approach has been wrong, and that we have to come up with a reasonable proposal for this privately owned land. It has a complicated history, but it is time for a new voice to start to make the change.

You talk about the Waterfront and AES, but what about the rest of Redondo Beach?

I personally think this is one of the biggest mistakes being made today. I believe in a "One Redondo" campaign that aims to bring us all together and equal. If there was one thing that I have learned over the past couple of decades living here, we have a large geographical area in Redondo that has to have equal priorities to improve our communities. Amazing parks, a Performing Arts Center, the Galleria, and so much more are what we have to offer. Most people probably don't even know half of it. That's one thing I would like to change. I would like to bring us all together and ensure we are always balanced. I'll share more details soon regarding a few visions I have. 

What about our schools?

As the father of a Middle School student who also attended Elementary School here in Redondo, I can tell you I have first-hand knowledge of our schools. Soon my pre-school son will even begin to follow his big sisters' path. I plan on doing no less in supporting everything I can at his school. In 2017, as part of my participation in Leadership Redondo, I led my team to help define a new tradition at Redondo Union High School. Working with my co-lead and the entire class of Leadership Redondo 2016 to donate the Unity Bell that is now used at the Graduation Ceremony. The rest of the year, it has its home in the Alumni House, where all can visit. 

What is Leadership Redondo?

Leadership Redondo is a program run by the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce. It is an extension of a national program put on by Chambers throughout the country. The foundation is to learn about how our city operates, learn about the history and resources we have, and work together to develop civic solutions. The graduation from this program is concluded through an effort to give something back to the community. In my class, the Unity Bell donated to Redondo Union High School to be a part of a new tradition for all future graduates. You can learn more here: 

Are you pro-business?

Yes! I have been part of several start-ups, and I understand the many complexities of running a business. Part of that is being able to work with your local community. Redondo Beach is notoriously known as a business-unfriendly community. There are several reasons for this, including complexities and bureaucracy that have been inherent in our system. Another is some negative local activism.
I look forward to breaking down these barriers and working to attract businesses to Redondo. 

Does this mean we will keep building up and using every square inch of our lands?

Absolutely not! As mentioned above, I have been serving on our General Plan Advisory Committee to review and define Redondo Beach's future. We have identified several places for open space, parks, and other amenities incorporated in our future city planning. I will continue to fight for a balance on all of these and ensure we continue to have ways to enjoy the outdoors in our city.

What is this about a lawsuit and claims being made?

I believe Brand violated campaign laws. I am tired of his false narratives. I believe in full disclosures of controlled committees, I believe hidden agendas are not good for Redondo Beach. The lawsuit stems from a complaint about campaign violations. Choose truth & transparency, choose Voisey for Mayor.