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Why am I running?

Truth and a vibrant future

Let's face it, Redondo Beach has been stagnant for years. Over 12 years of the same old promises, but nothing ever gets done. We are notoriously known as being business unfriendly.

We need full transparency, not negative voices that always have to demonize and block progress. It is time to work together, develop real solutions for our public safety, maintain local control, and build a financially secure city.

Redondo Beach is a small community with a big heart. It is time to put our past behind us and move on. In my professional life, I find solutions to difficult problems. It is time to apply that to the place we are all happy to call home.

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One Redondo!

Many people may think of our beaches and expansive waterfront views, but there are so many unique Redondo Beach communities. We need to work collectively to unite and come up with solutions to balance the whole city. Our focus should not just be in one area.

What do I stand for?

Let’s make all of Redondo better together

An out-of-the-box thinker that will find realistic ways to get active community updates and responses.

Forgetting State and National issues, it is at the local level that we can make a difference. I am not running to begin a political career but instead help bring the local voices throughout Redondo Beach into our decision-making. It is local issues that we can make a change. And that is where I want to start.

I am not stepping in with any fixed agendas or goals of doing anything based on my personal beliefs. We have seen where that has taken us, and it just does not work. We do not always have to agree on everything, but we also do not have to demonize and create battles due to this opinion difference. We will all win some things, and we will all lose something. I want to make sure that the Redondo Beach community has an equal say in decisions being made.

Redondo Beach is split into 5 Districts, each with representation on the City Council. While the primary goal is to focus on their district, they are also supposed to consider the city as a whole, One Redondo. The Mayor serves as a moderator to this process and at council meetings. They do not typically get a vote unless there is a tie to be broken. The Mayor can veto a decision, but this should not be based on personal beliefs but instead due to justifiable city issues. These vetoes should be used sparingly.

In my office as Mayor of Redondo Beach, I will help facilitate the divide. Redondo Beach has been a fantastic place to call home, and I think we can make it even better. I will focus on hometown public safety, local control, and financial stability. These are some things that have been rough for us over the past couple of years. We need to find ways to use our resources, not raise taxes but increase the quality of life. I am business-friendly and will make sure we have the right private-public relationships to help drive us forward. Redondo Beach should be a city that is amazing to live and work in AND conduct business. That is my commitment to you!

Top Priorities

A Real Vision for Actual Progress

My first three priorities will be...

ONE Redondo

Building, unifying and balancing decisions throughout the entire city. This isn’t about one area. We need full input and complete transparency.

Local Control

Police, Fire and Zoning should all be unique and under the control of Redondo Beach not Los Angeles County or defined by Sacramento.

Local Businesses

Not only for the recovery from this pandemic, but also reversing the complexities they encounter when doing business in Redondo Beach.

Your Candidate

A Real Fighter

I will fight for One Redondo, working together for our future!

Please support me to support you

This is about us, not special interests

It has been an honor to raise my family, work, and volunteer in Redondo Beach. I have been an active participant in my children's education and schools. There is nothing more that would make me happy than safer neighborhoods and safer school routes. Our children are our future, and I want to see many Redondo Beach families' traditions continue. It's inevitable; we will grow. But we have to build a sustainable life to preserve what we have. Redondo Beach is a small beach town, and it can remain that way. Parks, open spaces, and our business districts have to all thrive together.

Chris Voisey


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North to South, East to West

One Redondo


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